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Brittany & Josh

"Josh asked the same God who could give Adam a wife, when he was the only person on the planet, to send him a wife too."

To be asked to film another videographer's (Josh's) wedding is an intimidating thing. But we were honored to work on this wedding. These two human beings are so fantastic to work alongside and get to know more. All the friends and family and vendors were simply amazing.

Josh & Brittany shared their story through letters and through their ceremony, which is so perfect. The part that sticks out to us about this film is simple, story. Josh prayed for this day and Brittany prayed for this day and when you have that journey, your wedding day can take on a different meaning. Thats what this film did for us, and it just felt different. We want people to watch this film not because of us, or our "shots" but because their story matters. Their story is one of hope and how we really are made for one another.

So because of all that, we feel so thankful.

Brittany & Josh we wish you two a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for letting us play a small part. #explorenewheights

Play the video at the bottom and hear us talk about this wedding!

Listen to us talk about this wedding!

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