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Lazarina & Zachary

"We are here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, the joining of two young hearts"

Two amazing/funny/special people. We had so much fun at this wedding. So much fun with the vendors and the families. This was a beautiful and dreamy Georgia wedding. It had tons of cultural traditions that were so cool to witness! We love Georgia and the people we have been able to meet there, we hope to be back one day. We could type a bunch of words here but their film tells the story the best! Go give it a watch!

Ina & Zach we loved capturing your day. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

Venue: Lewallen Farms Photography: Harlows Photography + FILM LLC Flowers: Southern Peach Floral Catering: Prestige Catering Bride's dress: Atlanta Street Bridal Company

Play the video at the bottom and hear us talk about this wedding!

Listen to us talk about this wedding!

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