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Rachael & Hunter

"Together we are better than we could ever be apart..."

What was supposed to be a wedding at the Tuscaloosa River Market had to be moved to a more intimate setting on the river. When we pulled up to the location we were immediately excited and knew it would make a gorgeous backdrop for their wedding day. We loved all the portrait time with them in front of the water and under the trees. Hunter and Rachael are basically poets. They wrote the most beautiful letters to one another and even wrote their own vows! We usually don't cry during ceremonies, but we did during this one. Their words became the soundtrack to their wedding film, which we love.

Before filming this wedding Rachael shared with us that she wanted her brother to be apart of the film. His picture was carried down the aisle and he was one of the groomsmen. Rachael also wrote him a letter and released a balloon in memory of him. Jeremy said that will forever be his favorite moment of a wedding film. If you haven't seen it, please go watch!

We continue to be blessed to work with and meet some of the best couples and we just want to say, Thank You!

Rachael & Hunter we wish you two a lifetime of happiness. Thank you so much for letting us play a small part. #explorenewheights

Photographer: Kate Photography Makeup/Hair: Andrea Hernandez Florist: Blakelee's Bouquets Dress: Lady in Lace

Play the video at the bottom and hear us talk about this wedding!

Listen to us talk about this wedding!

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