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Filmmakers . Husband & Wife .

Hey y'all! We are Jeremy & Jade, together we make up New Heights Film. Thank you for checking us out. Our goal in filming your wedding is not to capture viral moments or really cool shots to post on our instagram. We want to capture YOU! We want to make weddings films that feel real. Wedding films that take you back to the day. Our heart is to make you a film that you will want to watch forever!


What's up everybody, my name is Jeremy 


I love being a husband/pastor/filmmaker and now a Dad! I enjoy music/whiskey/storytelling/Star Wars. My greatest hope is to capture your wedding day in a way that is authentically you. When you watch your film I want it to take you back to that FEELING!


Thank you for thinking of us and I hope to meet you!




Hi, I'm Jade. Thank you for considering us!


A little about me, I am a wife/mom/filmmaker/former teacher. A few things about me. I love Starbucks, Target Trips, and Mexican food. I guess you could say I’m pretty “basic”. My favorite part of a wedding day is the reception. I love watching people dance and having a good time! 

I am a people person and can’t wait to get to know YOU! 



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